Ergonomic Washing Machine


Ergonomic Washing Machine

Because this washing machine opens up like an ordinary dishwasher it has many advantages to conventional washing machines. It is basically a hybrid between top- and front-loader.

The control knobs are placed inside and therefor the front and top of the washing machine is clean. That allows to customize the top and front regarding to material and color and so can be easily integrated into any kitchen. Because you don‘t have to kneel or bow down anymore, loading and unloading becomes an ease. Features like the detergent depots let the washing machine itself choose the right amount of detergent. This will not only save money but also have an impact to the environment on the long run.

All together this washing machine is a highly esthetic product, that reflects people and environmental needs and covers ergonomically standarts.

In cooperation with Siegrid Rückl, Anne Schädlich, Ident-Technologie AG and Prof. Kilian Stauss /Rosenheim.

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