Tatort Theke


Tatort Theke – Cheese Exhibition

Cheese is a living product. Through the ripening process it constantly changes its smell, texture and taste. Wrapping it in plastic or presenting it in a cooling counter piled up on top or each other takes away the uniqueness of each cheese type and doesn‘t do justice to this premium quality product.

I created an cooling-system, whose function and geometry is inspired by the traditional cheese-ripening-process, especially the way to store cheese during this process. Every single cheese is stored individually in a small unit that can be adjusted in temperature and humidity to meet the need of each cheese type. Due to these perfect conditions the surrounding is not filled with an overwhelming cloud of cheese odor. Instead you initially see the cheese from the outside, than you can gently open the unit to smell and touch the cheese until you finally taste it.

All your senses will be stimulated to create an one-of-a-kind cheese experience.

In cooperation with Aichinger Ag and Prof. Stauss/HS Rosenheim. 




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