Sprout Table


Sprout Table

The “Sprout Table” combines traditional craft and modern design to bring eco-friendliness and environmental growth to the center of the home.

Traditional weaving patterns, the easy handling of edible sprouts and the long lasting life of handcrafted furniture inspired it. The square pine „Sprout Table“ is adorned with a tablet covered in holes that mimic traditional weaving tablecloth pattern.

The tablet is also opens up, allowing users to plant their favorite sprouts and spices below the surface. Interaction with plants every day strengthens the awareness of environmental issues. Combining traditional craft, contemporary design, material and the growing sprouts boost the appreciation for food, craft and sustainability. The unique table brings people together to enjoy a closer relationship with the environment while learning about sustainability.

The “Sprout Table” can also be used in restaurants and cafes for green decor or to grow fresh food and herbs.

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