Der Ort im Sport – Marathon Multifunctional Element

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Der Ort im Sport – Marathon Multifunctional Element

Sport and garbage are two things that doesn‘t quite fit together. Within this study I tried to find a solution to avoide this problem within marathon events.

On a big marathon with 30.000 active participants like the „Vienna City Marathon“, about 360.000 drinks in paper/plastic cups are distributed. Usually the empty cups will be carelessly thrown to the ground to be trampled down by the following runners.

To avoid this, I developed an element that mainly acts as a garbage disposal system. At the same time though, it can also be used to distribute drinks tothe athletes, serves as a barrier between athletes and audience and provides advertising surfaces. Furthermore the single elements are stowable and can be conveniently combined and placed depending on size and environmental conditions of each marathon event.





How it works:


The object is shaped in a way that the runner simply has to toss the paper/plastic cup towards the element and it automatically slides inside the container, directly into ordinary garbage bags.

Garbage disposal:

The garbage disappears inside the object and is not visible anymore. The marathon environment looks clean and accidents can be prevented!

Beverage station:

Folding tables as usually used as beverage stations are replaced by this object as well.


The beverage station is an interesting place for spectators. A barrier to seperate the audience from the athletes is indispensable. Instead of using conventional barrier-fences the object can be uses for this purpose too.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Sporting event are very expensive. Advertising and sponsoring is essential. Conveniently, this element can also be used as an advertising medium. Depending on event the advertising can be changed quickly and effortless right on the spot.


Two elements, each containing of three parts, can be nested into each other so that they perfectly fit on one Euro-DIN pallet.


Tatort Theke
Nesting Box

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