Cleaners Paradise


Cleaners Paradise

„Cleaners Paradise“ is a multifunctional event center on 8m x 8m that provides a highly flexible use of space. In no time, space can be created for different occasions, like dining (up to 56 people), meetings, concerts, fashion shows, workshops and more. All furniture and fixtures stay in place, no extra storage unit is required. It takes only a few minutes to clean up the hole space to create a new event.

How does it work? Fourteen rectangular tables are mounted on parallel, in-ground rails. Fifty-six foldable chairs (4 per table) are hanging underneath the tables. Additional table tops can connect two slidable tables to expand their surface. This offers versatile variation to use the space. If the additional table tops are not needed, they can be hung at the walls were they serve as decorative elements or could be used as advertising medium.


Nesting Box

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